Thursday, February 24, 2011

We make the Austin [TX] Statesman

Money quote from The Austin Statesman:
Camp Victory's Odd Allure

Former hunting resort is now U.S. military hub near Baghdad.

[ . . . ]

The nerve center of the base is the magnificent Al Faw Palace , a former vacation retreat of Saddam Hussein's next to another artificial lake. It's now home to American generals and officers running day to day operations in Iraq, but it still guards its share of mystery. "There's a lot of myths and urban legends that work their way into the story," said Lt. Col. Les' Melnyk, the Army's historian at Camp Victory, who gives regular tours of the palace.

Rumor has it that the place used to be a brothel or torture chamber, had a basement full of gold bars at the time of the invasion of Baghdad and that the fish in the lake eat ducklings (and perhaps small children).

[ . . . ]
Comment: Sorry, but we would never consider eating small children.

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